13 marzo, 2018

Entrevista Grupo Sención: Staying Ahead of the Game

In some ways, Grupo Sención could be considered an outlier in its home country, the Dominican Republic; as a multi-generational family business with over 40 years behind it, there are not many to equal it in the market. Today, the group operates across the construction, energy, and health services, with minor interests in design and furniture, education, defense, and security. Thanks to a strong foundation in innovation and governance, Grupo Sención continues to maintain its story of success as one of the Dominican Republic’s top multi-generational family business.

One of the key figures charged with ensuring that Grupo Sención will thrive well into the next generation is Executive Vice President Guillermo Sención Suárez. As a civil engineer with more than 17 years of experience in the country’s real estate and infrastructure sectors, Guillermo was appointed Vice President of his family business five years after obtaining an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration from Barna Business School in 2009.

In this interview, Guillermo discusses his family’s entrepreneurial roots, the challenges and opportunities in building a business in the Dominican Republic and what the future has in store for Grupo Sención.

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