Social responsibility

Grupo Sención is aware that in times of change, companies must have strong convictions to advance with a firm step into the future, as a result we intend to renew our corporate commitment every day.

We think that is compatible grow while maintaining absolute respect for all groups with whom we interact: customers, shareholders, employees, partners, society in general. With this corporate vision we are managing our operations in a sustainable way in the economic, social and environmental.

In this new scenario, we decided to integrate Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) in the activities and value chain of Grupo Sención through the theme: “Water”, considering that the preservation, conservation and appropriate use of this resource is vital to the future of the planet, humanity and, in particular, of the Dominican Republic.

We intend to participate in finding solutions around this problem and take concrete actions that allow us to provide alternatives for the preservation, sanitation and responsible for this resource for the benefit of Dominican society consumption.


In Gran Santo Domingo 58% of water is wasted