26 July, 2021

CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT 2021 Highlights the value of the industry in the economic recovery

Mercado Exchange successfully held the MERCADO CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT 2021, a space created to analyze and discuss the importance of construction in the development of the Dominican Republic, drawing a new roadmap in the post-pandemic era.

Within the framework of this meeting and connected live through streaming with more than 1,200 participants, important representatives of the high government, recognized businessmen from the private sector, public sector officials, as well as international guests gathered, who in the course of The conference discussed the consolidation and multiplying power of the construction industry.

Patricia de Moya, editor-in-chief and president of Mercado Media Network, concentrated her speech by exhorting businessmen in the sector to remain optimistic and dynamic; reflecting how the country is close to returning to normality: “as construction entrepreneurs, they can set an example of drive, dynamism and solidarity,” she said.

Other important figures from public institutions were present, making known the vision and projects of the high government in the face of the industry, and the plans to strengthen it.

The Minister of Public Works and Communication, Deligne Ascención, stressed that “our perspective of the development of the areas financed with the MOPC budget consists of the execution of projects at the national level that develop an inclusive and prosperous country.” He also announced the start of work on the construction of the Pedernales and Bahía de las Águilas highways, “thus bringing Barahona and Pedernales closer than one hour between the two points.”

In turn, Sigmund Freund, director of the General Directorate of APP, reiterated the importance of the comprehensive and joint work of public-private alliances as a transversal axis of the promotion of the sector. “In the coming weeks a bill will be approved, which will adjust the response times to project proposals resulting from public-private alliances,” Freund specified within the framework of the meeting.

The MERCADO CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT agenda also featured the participation of businessmen who are betting on initiatives and works that dignify the quality of life of the Dominican population and who shared their opinion in the Smart & Sustainable Building panel in the DR.

On the other hand, an in-depth analysis was carried out on the three main construction axes in the Dominican Republic and their importance in the economic reactivation, where tourism, luxury and social housing construction are greatly supporting the promotion of the industry.

Despite the great impact of the pandemic in most sectors in the country, to find solutions and make them effective we must already find a key point of adaptation to the new reality, “adapt investments, costs and consider the increase in materials. It is no longer the time to continue talking about the effects of the pandemic “, as Guillermo Sención, President of Epic Ventures, clarifies.

“Hotel construction has been one of the most affected in a pandemic context. We need more visitors, this is achieved with greater hotel investment, guaranteeing that the optimal occupancy figure can be met in our country “, analyzed Hugo Pérez, President of Therrestra.

Water resources were highlighted within the framework of the event, as cities like Santo Domingo permanently demand this good to develop their day-to-day efficiently. “Servinca, with the platform that it has been implementing in Montegrande being a partner and responsible for all the design and engineering manufacturing of the entire hydromechanical system, totaling 2,200 tons, has made it possible that this project would not have been necessary to bring in any international company”, said Carlos Cabrera, Vice President of Servinca, in relation to the repair of the dam in San Juan de la Maguana.

During the day it was possible to learn about the new trends in mixed construction, which are leading the country’s capital to generate new spaces for coexistence, improving the quality of life of citizens.

Yermys Peña, CEO Partner of Construger and an expert in the design of smart and sustainable cities through architecture, affirms that from construction, the city of the future is defined with each infrastructure work: «Talking about sustainability is not a fad (…) But do we really know what this means? Let us take conscience, responsibility when making decisions and choosing the correct path for our projects ».

In addition, it was possible to summon three representatives of the new generation of professionals who under new concepts are changing the way of perceiving the construction sector.

These innovative minds affirm that normality does not exist, because it is changing and is defined as what is lived in the present; «Now reinventing oneself is a necessity, that is the learning point of this moment. I think we not only have to think outside the box, but also think inside (…) use our knowledge, evaluate and propose, more than different solutions, appropriate solutions ”, stressed Antonio Imbert, CEO of Simples Arquitectura.

As a magisterial closing, MERCADO CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT was attended by the international expert Alejandro Munevar, founder and commercial VP of SKG Tecnología, specialized in design, development, integration and implementation of intelligent technological solutions in the field of cities and regions; who presented the advantages of the development of smart cities that guarantee sustainability and an increase in the quality of life of citizens.

“The development of a country is not measured by the number of people and vehicles on the streets, it is measured when you see the one with the best resources taking public transport,” says Munévar.

With this edition, MERCADO CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT 2021 is consolidated as the main space for discussion and analysis of current issues around the strengthening of the construction sector in the country, and in which Mercado Magazine, once again demonstrates its solid path, being the leader in business intelligence and a publishing house that continues to develop products of great interest to its readers and followers.