our history

Together we make history

Driven by our commitment to social, economic and environmental development of the Dominican Republic, we have established our companies Constructora Global, Antillean Construction Corporation, Macrotech, Sunergy and Sigma Petroleum Corporation under one label: Grupo Sención

An entrepreneurial culture

1976 – 1998

Guillermo Sención, Dominican entrepreneur entrepreneurship, based on the family unit Sención companies. The business activities of their companies spanning the, publishing, financial area and vehicle safety.

The cornerstone


Constructora Global starts operations for affordable housing projects developed with the Residential “Patricia I”, while offering a functional solutions to the demand for housing and commercial units experienced by the city of Santo Domingo.

Innovation and technology for health


Macrotech born with the clear vision of improving the quality of life of Dominican families, and with it, the first pharmaceutical company in the country to offer solutions for the health sector.

New markets


Guillermo Sención displays a new service solution for the professional production of hot asphalt concrete and the development of roads projects and infrastructure construction sector. This idea takes its name from Antillean Petroleum.

Product diversification

2001 — 2004

Macrotech product distribution begins Baxter in Dominican Republic.

Fortifications of our operations

2001 — 2004

The construction of numerous roads, bridges, streets, aqueducts, treatment plants, sewage and other social infrastructure mark the growth stage of Antillean Petroleum

A phase of renewal

2005 — 2008

Constructora Global renews its portfolio of services with the construction of:
• Shopping Centers: Dominica Square
• Tourism Projects: Costa Atabey, in Juan Dolio
• Business Towers: FORUM, current icon of Santo Domingo which has 17 levels and 325 parking spaces


2005 — 2008

Macrotech Offers First Integrated Closed Infusion System and Baxter makes intravenous solutions serving the hospital sector in Dominican Republic.

Fostering collaboration

2009 — 2012

Grupo Sención contributes to improve the infrastructure of major health centers with the remodeling of hospitals Robert Reid Cabral, Padre Billini and Moscoso Puello.

Charting new paths

2009 — 2012

In this period Macrotech makes two major innovations:
• Creating a Biomedical division specializing in consulting, advisory and training service projects for health centers.
• Incorporation of Integral Peritoneal Dialysis Service. A unique system in the Dominican
Republic that is based on the clinical care of patients with chronic kidney disease

Stimulating avant-garde ideas

2009 — 2012

In this environment of creation Sigma Petroleum Corporation arises one of the youngest companies in the fuel distribution Dominican Republic, including environmental conservation as a key component of its corporate vision

Creating development opportunities

2013 — 2015

Constructora Global strengthens its services in the implementation of social projects and works of great tourist, economic and cultural importance to the Dominican Republic.

Jobs are:

•Cañada Bonavides, Santo Domingo
• Plant wastewater treatment sector The Caballona, ​​Santo Domingo
• Restructuring of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo through CAASD
• Revitalization of the Historic Center of Puerto Plata

A new proposal

2013 — 2015

Macrotech consolidates its growth stage with the creation of the automated center Macromix, becoming a pioneer of processing, packaging and distribution of parenteral admixtures in the
Dominican Republic. The company introduced technology to the country of Health Robotics IV Station and an automated parenteral nutrition ExactaMix Baxter.

We evolve for the benefit of the best interests of the country

2013 — 2015

Antillean Petroleum renews its image and business line to become Antillean Construction Corporation. A change that reflects the time of consolidation of the company, as well as current challenges in the construction sector in the Dominican Republic.

Expansion plan

2013 — 2015

At present, SIGMA has 30 gas stations spread across the country strategically.


Work with us

Sencion Group counts with a high quality human force team. Qualified professionals serving on more than 500 jobs positions and 200 indirect jobs generated by this business group.